• E-house lifting project
  • Two cranes heavy lift erection.
  • Spreader beam project
  • Specialized Heavy Lifting and Engineering Consulting

    Riggingsteel is SpA Company located in Santiago, Chile and it offers its services to industrial areas of mining, energy, transportation and port. It was founded on 2014; its professionals have the experience of having worked in the best national and international engineering and assembly companies and for the most emblematic project in Chile.


    Our main goal is to position ourselves, on the short term, as:

    The most specialized Rigging company in Chile and to obtain an acknowledged place on the energy, mining and industrial market, to be noticed by the quality of our services and of our professionals.


    The mission of RiggingSteel is:

    • To design specialized solutions for mining, more specifically in Heavy Lifting and Rigging, Structural Engineering, Soil and Assembly Mechanics and industrial Maintenance.

    • These solutions go from hard engineering to field consulting or a mix of both.


    At Rigging Steel we highlight our fundamental values:

    • Efficient and effective way of working with quality and safety, besides been a team with our clients we are focused on results so we always accomplish agreed deadlines.

    • A core value of our Company is to treat our workers, clients and representatives with respect.

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